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Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance Coverage

Construction industry-specific risks include project costs and contractual agreements, site-specific exposures, environmental exposures, safety of on-site personnel, and equipment, among other risks. Depending on the type of construction business that you have, the type of coverage that you need can vary, from liability insurance for construction to heavy equipment or contractors coverage.

Construction Insurance

Types of Insurance in Construction Industry

Liability Insurance for Construction Company

Construction liability insurance includes general liability coverage for construction businesses, such as contractual obligations, errors and omissions, and claims against the business for project-related or worker-related damages. Construction general liability insurance may include limits and policy details that help to cover construction industry concerns specifically, as opposed to a basic general liability policy.

Construction Suppliers Insurance

Construction suppliers insurance and construction materials insurance refers to insurance that covers the manufacturing and distribution of construction-related materials from production to market. Guardify partners with carriers that offer manufacturing policies, so that you can find coverage for your business not only as a construction company, but also as construction-related manufacturer.

Types of Insurance in Construction Industry

Learn more about manufacturing and suppliers insurance options.

New Construction Insurance

New construction insurance can focus on claims that may arise due to alleged problems with construction, within a limited time period after the construction has been completed.

Construction Contractor Insurance

Construction contractor insurance, or contractor's general liability insurance, may apply more specifically to the risks that an individual contractor or small business contractor may face. Small construction business insurance may have policy requirements that are more directly applicable to small construction applications, while liability insurance for a construction company that is a larger, multi-site business operator may have different limits and requirements.

Looking for Contractors General Liability Insurance? View options for contractors.

Builders General Liability Insurance vs. Builders Risk Insurance

Builders general liability insurance can sometimes be confused with builder's risk insurance. A builders risk policy focuses on property-related risks for a particular site or project, while construction general liability insurance typically includes broader business operations.

Builders Risk Insurance is sometimes called "Course of Construction Insurance".

Heavy Construction Equipment Insurance

Insurance for construction equipment and/or construction equipment rental insurance may be included in your construction general liability policy on a limited basis; however, you may need to purchase a separate equipment insurance policy. Insurance for heavy construction equipment will protect you and your business in the event of equipment risks such as theft, vandalism or damage to equipment that you own or rent during a project's duration. These policies are often available as a package add-on to complement other insurance products. Your Guardify agent can help you with any questions regarding package options and combining products to fit your business needs.

Heavy Construction Equipment Insurance

Finding the Best Insurance for Construction Companies

Finding the best insurance for construction companies requires comparing rates and policies from different carriers. Your Guardify agent can search and compare construction insurance quotes and polices, so that you can find the best insurance to protect your unique business concerns. Looking for cheap construction insurance isn't a bad goal as far as savings; however, just make sure that the corresponding policy for your construction insurance quote will provide adequate coverage for your business in the event of claims.

Construction Insurance in Texas

If you are looking for construction insurance in Texas, Guardify offers a number of quality policy options through our carrier partners, so you can focus on building big in the Lone Star State and know that you're covered. We look forward to helping you to achieve your Texas construction insurance goals.

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